February 22, 2017


The architectural practice was established in 1971 with the objective of full participation in the rapidly evolving urban architecture and human habitation of the modern city. To this end, this office pursues excellence in design through respect for use, function, form, economy, context and environment as well as style in all of its building designs. This office recognizes that buildings are a reflection of their time and the architect is the interpreter of these relevant expressions…..


The total built building area designed by this firm prepares master plans, feasibility studies, conceptual plans, design and construction drawings and supervises construction. Building forms designed by this firm range from single-family houses of one or two storeys, subdivisions, townhouses, mid-rise to high-rise condominium and rental apartments, industrial, retail, office and mixed use office buildings.


The firm’s innovative designs have substantially influenced the overall condominium market and left permanent and recognizable standard features in Toronto area projects.

This office perceives the concept of any good project to be rooted in the existing physical and cultural context as well as in the marketplace specific to its area. Hence, the building form, the site layout and the unit layout is a direct result of a dialogue between marketing experts, the parameters of zoning restrictions, construction costs and design efficiency consideration and appropriate “architectural style” for its context. Our ultimate programmatic objective is to maximize the total “sales value” of the project. This means more than just monetary value; it means value to be builder, the purchasers and in a wider context to society at large.